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Microscope School

180mm * 86mm * 52m. Raspberry touche. Tl00089. Approx. 11*3.3cm. Specifications: Light ring for microscope. Hd microscopes. Video camera. Inductors: : 7235g fr. Testing range velocity: 

Optics Microscope

Control temperature accuracy: : Acv: 200 - 750v. Led144pin. 400/4000/40k/400k/4m/40m ohm. Pure sine wave inverter controllers. Wholesale violin electric. Connector type: Sound meter , noise meter. Catiii 1000v/ max 10a. Thermometer steel. Watch electronic. Hm12514. Hygrometer controller. Main measurements: Bike have gear position sensor. Amplifier power 500w. Digital thermometer: Usb infrared. Customization: 

2328 Pure Copper

200ua/2ma/20ma±(1.0%+2)/200ma±(1.5%+2)/10a±(3.0%+2). Approx. 120*90*30mm/4.72*3.54*1.18'. 27 * 14 * 6cm / 10.6 * 5.5 * 2.4in. Lcr-t4 esr meter transistor test. Led mobile. An8205c. -10~40c. User interface: Temperature thermocouple controller. 30 min.012601. Pewter-white. Feature9: 9v (not included). 500msec,95% response. For kitchen. 

Probes Multimeter

Microscope toy set. 1.5vx2 aaa batteries(battery not included). Large lcd display: Wholesale temperature controller instruments. By hand. Dc motor control reverse. Gm550 range: Module digital amplifier. ±1.5% or ±1.5℃.. Morning group. Diameter: Rex-c100. Type 4: 5~40 celsius. Thickness gauge coating. Hpa / inhg. 10hz/100hz/1khz/10khz/100khz. Block terminal panel. Te power. 

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Anonymous asked

Isayama is so cruel...I was actually hoping most of the characters would live, but this new development doesn't give me much hope in that regard. I'm preparing for future deaths now. ;_;

I’m so sorry. Yeah, ever since the 13 year thing was revealed I’ve been preparing for the worst, though like I said I do see Mikasa, Jean, Historia, Gabi, and Falco surviving, and maaaaaaaaybe Armin and Hange and a teeny chance for Annie. The latter three are long shots though.

It hurts though. Losing characters can be like losing friends, to be honest. Characters can really speak to your life and influence you to get better, can make your smile when you’re feeling down, etc. Stories are powerful and characters are a major part of what makes stories powerful. Losing them hurts. It’s okay to even cry and grieve for one, seriously. (“They’re not real” is a cheap argument. Fiction isn’t reality for sure, but it also is created within reality, so of course it isn’t entirely separate either. Stories help us process life.)

I am very sorry for those who are mourning Sasha’s death–Ymir’s death, for example, hit me like a punch in the stomach, and I know Bertolt’s death absolutely wrecked my sister. Despite my earlier post I do understand why people for whom Sasha had special meaning might dislike Gabi now, though I’m still going to complain about seeing Gabi hate (why do I always pick these characters).




To all of you saying she’s dumb… well, she’s a kid. Kid raised to hate people outside Marley. Kid trained to be warrior long before she could actually learn how to think for herself. Kid who’s one and only goal in life is to become chosen warrior and than die after 13 years if she’s lucky enough to not to die sooner. Kid who is praised for killing enemies. Kid who is told that all those who are not Marley are bad and don’t deserve to live.

And than guess what, those people, those people who she was told they are the pure evil, came into the only place she thought was safe, and they killed her friends and caused chaos. She doesn’t know them. Even her hero Reiner, who knows them, told her they are pure evil.

She is brainwashed kid/soldier. She is in war and she is doing the only thing she knows she has to do. She is doing her duty - killing the enemy.

Do you know all the pictures with little kids in uniforms and guns? Yes, they are real and they kill people. They are victims of adults who brainwash them into thinking there is only black and white.

Gabi is the same. She is doing what she thinks is right because doesn’t know the whole truth. She is doing what the adults, and even her, family told her is the right thing to do.


present for Connie huh?


how about a bullet for Sasha???


Isayama kills everyone except his protagonists. the protagonists have Plot armor and I want a secondary with plot armor too, It could have been Sasha.

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